Step One:
Everyone must go through a consultation (online or in-person) so I can meet you and your pup to go over your goals and discuss the best options for optimal success.



School Was Never so Much Fun


S.T.A.R. Puppy


New puppies are exciting and so adorable! But, they don't know how the human world works yet, let us help you and your pup get the best start with our S.T.A.R. puppy program!

* 2 Private Lessons

* 2 Exposure Lessons

* 5 Social Lessons

* Unlimited Group Lessons throughout the Program (usually held 1-3 times a month)

* Unlimited Email support throughout the Program

* Weekly homework (Emails & Videos)

* AKC STAR Puppy Test



This option is for the adult pup who needs a little help with their manners.
Includes cues: Sit, Down, Leave It, Bed, Wait, Loose Leash Walking, Stay
* 3 Private Lessons
* 5 Exposure Lessons
* 1 Social Lesson
* Unlimited Email support throughout the Program
* Weekly homework (Emails & Videos)


Canine Good Citizen


The Canine Good Citizen test is the first step on many roads including but not limited to; service dog training, therapy dog training, title achievement, proof of yours and your pups hard work!

This test includes: Greeting People Politely, Coming when Called, Loose Leash Walking and more!

* 2 Private Lessons

* 2 Exposure Lessons

* 5 Social Lessons

* Unlimited Group Lessons throughout the Program (Held 1 -3 times a month)

* Unlimited Email support throughout the Program

* Weekly Homework (emails & videos)

* CGC Test


Extra Curriculum

Focused on You

Need extra help or none of the programs fit your needs? That's okay! Our Extra Curriculum classes are made to fit your needs and we follow a plan that we've made together, to set your family and pup up for success!


Private Lessons

Private lessons allow us to give you our undivided attention and guide you through the training process to ensure success outside of lessons. These lessons are done in your home.

4 Lessons = $200
8 Lessons = $350

Exposure Lessons

Has life been busy, has it been hard to keep up with training your pup? Though, you want to make sure they're ready to go when you are! Exposure lessons are for you, this option let's our Trainer take your pup for class to make sure they're keeping up with their manners around distractions (people, dogs, squirrels, etc.) while you're finishing your chores!

5 Lessons = $300
10 Lessons = $500

Social Lessons

Bring your pup to Bark Place before you head off to work. They will get to hang out with doggy friends and get training all on the same day!

This option is a great addition for your pups life for a balanced day of the week, lots of noises, lots of dogs and lots of work. Can someone say a tired pup?

Full-Day (4+ hours): 
Single Lesson: $70

5 Lessons: $315

10 Lessons: $595

1/2 Day (2-4 hours): 
Single Lesson: $60

5 Lessons: $270

10 Lessons: $510


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