Below are some items that Scout liked during her stay with me in case you're interested in anything I used.

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Tuesday the 11th

After you dropped Scout off we hung out at Bark Place for a few minutes, where Scout met one of our Groomer's dogs (hound mixed breed named Knox), they played well with each other until we left.
Tuesday is one of my off days, so we spent the majority of the day getting comfortable at my home with my dogs (Kai and Kita). Scout was a little nervous at first, but quickly became friends with them as well. They all three follow me around the house without any issues. We played a lot today and did minimal training (mostly comes, attention and name games while my dogs were there as distractions. Both outside and inside.) 
At the end of the day I fed her dinner out of a slow feeder bowl, which took her awhile. Then we went for a group walk around the neighborhood, so again, Scout could get comfortable. She fell asleep in the kennel in my room.
She's fitting in with my pack quite well!

Wednesday the 12th

Today we woke up early and went to Bark Place. Most of my classes on Wednesdays are "Day Train" so that means the dog trains with me and goes to daycare. All the better for Scout! The groomers are also here on Wednesdays, so it was quite busy and quite loud. Scout was a little nervous at first around some of the bigger dogs, but once every one started playing she had no problem joining in!
After my Day Train morning classes we went home, where Scout had lunch and had a quick nap. While she was napping I picked up two frenchies that I work with and brought them home. She seemed unsure about their snorting, but Kai and Kita know these pups and again, once she saw that my dog's played with them, she had no problem joining in on the fun!
We did some focused training for dinner and a group walk, but she was quite tired today and went straight to bed once put in the kennel.


Thursday the 13th

Scout really enjoys the slow feeder bowl, as I've been using this for breakfasts so I can get ready for my first class. She went with me to my classes again, she was very interested in the pug but not as much towards the corgi puppy. But, he is a bit louder and it was later in the day when she was already getting tired. We hung out in daycare in between classes and worked on our loose leash walking. So far she has only stopped while walking once, that was yesterday, and she was quite tired. Otherwise, she has been doing really well on all of our walks, her coming, her leave its and of course sit and downs. Today we started learning "bed" and I always say "good kennel" when she goes into the kennel for naptime/bedtime. 
"Bed" is something we will be learning in our first puppy class, so don't worry you'll get the homework for that!

Friday the 14th

Scout really fits in with the pack! They all play together so well, and when I bring out the chewy for a calming time, she lies right down and chews without trying to steal the big dog's chewy like a lot of puppies will do.
We have been working more on her "drop", "bed", "leave it" and loose leash walking today alone and with other dogs. She is such a sweet girl, and has responded well with everything in our dog busy life!


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