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Today we are reviewing some treats! A very important part of positive training is motivation, which for the majority of pups is food. So, I want to start our review weeks off with one of my pup's personal favorite kind of treat. True Chews Duck Jerky.

Cons: Because unfortunately, everything has to have a con.

- A more expensive treat if you go through a lot of treats. Though, more on that in the Pros list.

- They can get stale if the bag is left open, which makes it a lot harder to use for training for yourself and your pup because it is less appealing than when they are soft.

Pros: Because this is what you really want to hear!

- Though, I previously said it's a more expensive treat it really depends on how you look at it. Yes, if you were giving your pup the whole piece of jerky you'd go through the bag quick! I would hope you wouldn't be giving your pup that many treats though. Instead, I break up the pieces of jerky into small pieces (think the size of your fingernail/size of a pea. That's the average-sized treat I use for all of the pups I work with. Yes, just because you have a Great Dane doesn't mean you need to feed him the whole piece of jerky. After all, this is not his meal, they are treats for working). What's nice about this jerky is that it has score lines, not perfectly sized for my use, but it definitely makes it easier to tear horizontally, and then most pieces you can simply split in half and wah-lah you easily have twenty pieces from one piece of jerky. Suddenly that bag lasts so mu

ch longer than you previously thought!

- They can get stale was a con, but this is only if you leave the bag open. I personally have never had any issues with this. So, I still consider them to be a soft treat a pro.

- Easy to break, which goes along with the above two pros!

- Your pup doesn't look at treats often? Maybe it's because they aren't stinky enough, stinkier the treats the better for the pup! These treats stink.

So, as you can see from my point of view (and my pups!) these treats have more pros than they do cons. So, grab yourself a bag and try them out for yourselves! Let me know what you think and most importantly what your pup thinks!

*As of this blog post, I am not affiliated with True Chews in any way, everything stated above is all my personal opinion and experiences. I am affiliated with Amazon though and will get a small percentage of the sale if you follow the link I provided for the product. Thank you so much for your support.

& remember, every day is a great day for an adventure with your best pup!

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