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Online Home Manners Course

I am so excited to announce the newest course here at Adventuring Paws Dog Training. This course is focused around the AKC Home Manners title, but that does not mean the manners don't apply to everyone.

There are two classes, one for puppies and one for adult dogs. The biggest difference though, is that the puppy class gives tips for potty training. So, if your puppy is a star at potty training already, it's okay to take the adult class where things are a pinch more advanced!

This course is self paced, and though there are 10 items I will test for at the end, there are many more videos to help you through the process!

* Petting and Grooming (brushing)

* Sit on Cue

* Down on Cue

* Come when Called

* Go to Bed

* Potty Training

* Waiting for their bowl

* Trick

* Waiting at the door

* Loose lease walking

* Play

* Behaving when the doorbell rings

* Increasing your bond!

On top of that you will of course be able to ask questions and get help throughout the whole course. After the course is over you will still be able to watch the videos, even if you need a refresher say 6 months later!

After the course is over, you will get the option to get the title as well! Of course this is included in the course, but completely optional if you want to do it.

Cost: $50 for the month of January

Contact us today for more information, we look forward to meeting you and your pup!

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