• Ashley

Our First Post

Hi Friends! We're creating a blog mostly for fun, to give you guys some insight into Ashley, Kai and Kita's world and, of course, to talk about dog training - because what else is there in life? Ha ha kidding, kind of.

There are varying opinions on everything in this world, even dog training. I am a positive based trainer, therefore that's what you should be expecting to see through the future posts. If you do not care to learn or are against positive methods (for whatever reasons), then I'd advise you to leave now. I hate to be blunt about that, but why waste our time. If you are interested in positive methods either because you already are apart of this community or you're simply curious, please join us!

But, don't worry, I won't be going into anything too deep in this blog it is, again for fun. Hopefully, you all will enjoy the future topics of tricks, manners, recipes, adventures, and more!

& remember, every day is a great day for an adventure with your best pup!


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