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Saturday the 25th

Today Ollie mostly enjoyed just hanging out and getting comfortable at our house.

He has met my dogs Kai and Kita before but had only been around them for a limited time. Now that he has been with us all day, it's not just a focus training time but also a time to learn when to relax. 
We enjoyed potty breaks every hour, playing with Kai and Kita, learning to go into the kennel when asked. He worked for his dinner, went on a group walk and enjoyed a kong when we went down for bed.

Sunday the 26th

Ollie barked for a while before falling asleep in his kennel last night, but once he was asleep he slept through the night. When we woke up we went out for a short morning walk, ate his breakfast in a puzzle bowl with the other dogs (I fed the cats in another room this morning, but will be trying to feed them all in the same room before he leaves to see how he does with the cats and food out).
After breakfast, Ollie went with me to my morning classes (he watched during the class but before the dogs went home they all met and played (a rottweiler and a mixed breed about 35 pounds, so both much bigger). After those classes, we went home for lunch and Ollie took a nap before joining me with my afternoon classes. 
Once we went back home it was time to train, play, and nap again before our evening walk then bedtime in the kennel. It was a long day and he went to sleep easier tonight!


Monday the 27th

Ollie slept through the night again without any problems. He ate his breakfast in the puzzle bowl before heading off to my morning classes with me. Today my classes were only at Bark Place, so he was able to hang out in the back while I worked with the adult dogs. When I had a puppy class I brought him up front to play with her (an aussie puppy).

I brought his lunch with me, so we worked for lunch practicing his leave it, wait and stays. After lunch we went on a walk and he took a nap.

My afternoon was clear, so we worked more at home on a variety of things (especially no nipping every time I take a step - lots of leave its and redirection). He met new people and played with Kai and Kita before dinner.

Tuesday the 28th

I did not have any classes today and it was raining off and on so we did a lot of training at home. 

Our morning was our puzzle bowl for food, walk and play until we had to go to Bark Place for a few minutes. He played with dog's his size in the daycare area. We ate lunch outside while we had a few minutes of peace from the rain, working on leave it near the cars. Once home he took his nap and then I alternated the toys that were out. He found the "Wubba" toy and carried that thing around for practically the rest of the day.

We had our evening walk before dinner, which we worked for through training. 


Wednesday the 29th

This morning we had early classes, so Ollie joined. He watched the first class in a kennel, but the second class he was able to participate in more because the puppy was about his size. It was great to see them as distractions.
After that puppy went home, we worked more on ignoring cars and went home for lunch. After lunch he had his nap and then woke up to play. He fits in wonderfully with my dogs! 
We missed out on our evening walk because of the rain but we did train on the front porch and inside the house. He's a smart puppy <3


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